Sunday, 21 January 2018
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The e-mail addresses are composed using Latin characters (Lithuanian characters are not used) and formed according to the following model: name.full surname@tm.lt. If a person has two names or surnames the e-mail is formed using the first one respectively.

Division of Expertise of Legislation Drafts

Name, Surname Position Telephone
Ala Morkūnienė Head +370 5 2662935
Andrius Miliūnas Advisor +370 5 2662906
Vaida Štrafėlė Advisor +370 5 2662882
Darius Trinkūnas Advisor +370 5 2662912
Brigita Palubinskienė Chief specialist +370 5 2662963
Asta Gedzevičiūtė Chief Specialist +370 5 2662881
Jūratė Burtilienė Chief Specialist +370 5 2191896
Representation Before the               ECHR
Legal Aid
Gedimino ave. 30, LT-01104 Vilnius
Code: 188604955
Tel. (8 5) 266 29 81
Fax. (8 5) 262 59 40
E-mail: rastine@tm.lt
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